Parasailing at Punta Cana – Something You Should Not Miss!


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Parasailing at Punta Cana – Something You Should Not Miss!

Imagine flying over the tropical coastlines and enjoying the bird-view of the mesmerizing beach! Truly magical. Something you cannot think of missing out on while on vacation to the islands.

Everyone can enjoy the beach sands and jump into the waters to feel the warmth of the seas, but having a glance at the whole area from above is an exceptional experience!

Perks of parasailing

Have you ever tried parasailing? If yes, you certainly would know how heavenly it feels. And, for the first-timers, get the opportunity to parasail in this wonderland. Sail above the sea levels to watch the turquoise blue water and passing palm trees by the coast side.

Notice the changing colours of the sea as you move upwards. Watch the mountainous terrains located at a far distance from the coastal area.

Etch the picture in your mind and create a memorable experience to share while you get back from the vacation.

Don’t be afraid!

Flying is not as simple as it sounds, and we understand your fears! But do not worry as we have got it covered for you.

  • The parasail attached to the speed boat is safe to ride. We have made the arrangements of the sail keeping all the practical challenges in mind. The safety instructor will guide you all along. Do not fear any falls or mishaps.
  • We will not suddenly take you up to greater highs! You will reach the height of 200feet slowly while watching the ground elements getting smaller and smaller!

The 360-degree view that you get from the height is the best view possible. See the whole eastern coast of the Dominical Republic while you fly like a bird over the clear blue waters.

The adventures of Punta Cana are waiting for you to come and explore. Give us the chance to make the most of your sea-trip!

What’s Including

  • Round trip transport
  • Professional guide

What to Bring

  • Beach clothing
  • Bathing suit
  • Towel
  • Camera
  • Sunscreen
  • Cash
  • Duration of Tour
  • Approximately 1 hour
  • Tour Times
  • Mornings and Afternoons

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