Walk Along the Paths of History at Santo Domingo


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Walk Along the Paths of History at Santo Domingo

Punta Cana isn’t only about the beach and the sea waves! There is a different side to this wonderland where you can relive the moments of history.

If you are a traveller with a curious mind, a Santo Domingo excursion is what you need! Get an opportunity to walk in the footsteps of Columbus.

Feel the old charm

We offer you to experience the firsts of the European civilisations in America! Explore the first cathedral, pave road, hospital, university, all in the same 16block radius of this “Old City,” Santo Domingo’s colonial zone.

This zone is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since the year 1992. Experience the rich heritage of the place, break the usual vacation pattern, and awaken the history buff in yourself.

Tour highlights

Coming to the highlights of the place, that will make you want to book the tickets now!

  • Explore the three eyes natural park having underground caves and lagoons made by Taino Indians.
  • Get a chance to see the Columbus Lighthouse, holding the remains of Christopher Columbus’s tomb.
  • Visit Diego Columbus’s palace and stroll through the first paved road of the new world.
  • Check-in at the National Pantheon, the resting place of honoured citizens and the historic first cathedral.

Feel the true vibes of the heritage city and learn some interesting facts of history from the locals.

Anecdotes to share

Learn so much about the rich history so you can share it with your friends once you go back.

Flaunt your knowledge of the Western Hemisphere’s European birth and the historic tales of the land of the Dominican Republic.

Discover the wonderful place by imbibing the culture, but do not forget to taste the authentic cuisines. Traveling is incomplete without tasting the local delicacies. Eat the real Dominical food to get the genuine taste in the buds.

Give us a chance to make your excursion special and different from what you have had till now!

What’s Including

  • Round trip transportation
  • Professional guide
  • Lunch

What to Bring

  • Comfortable Clothing
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Camera
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Cash

Duration of Tour
Approximately 8hours to 9 hours

Tour Times

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