Are you craving for a crazy vacation? Try exploring the beauty of Punta Cana and travel to Samana. You will have an experience of lifetime. The enjoyment is pure and the thrills fill your soul. You get opportunities to watch playful whales in the deep Caribbean waters. Also, there is a scope to snorkel. Dive into more details.


Quickly book a package online

Firstly, choose a top travel operator. You can consider FunTrip2, a well-known travel agency having expertise in arranging Samana tour from Punta Cana. Do not forget to check out the itinerary details in the package. For example, check out whether you get an opportunity for Whale watching Samana in one of the itinerary segments. Booking the package online on a reliable platform is generally without any hassles. You avail it at a suitable rate.

Glimpses of rural landscape and beautiful coastlines

As you travel to Samana, you get a scope to enjoy the lovely, rural Dominican landscape, often marked with swaying palm trees on the beach. The coastline of the region is enticingly beautiful. Each moment of the journey is cherishing. Permanent sweet memories are created in your heart. You fall in love with the place. Also, the Samana Whale watching tours keep you hooked to the magnetic charm of the destination.

Visiting local plantations

You would be delighted to visit the local plantations that grow coffee, cocoa and vegetables. It is possible to mingle with the farmers and know their lifestyle. It is very engrossing to know the details. Also, you may get a chance to have a bite on a local cuisine.


Visiting the magnificent El Limon Waterfall

There will be arrangements that will take you to the wonderful El Limon Waterfall, on a horseback! No doubt it is a unique experience. You will feel special, in a royal manner. Do not forget to take photographs of the captivating waterfall.

There are hotel pick-up and drop facilities

You do not have to bother about transfer facilities as the tour operator will proficiently take care of every detail in this regard.

Follow the instructions of your guide

There will be a professional guide with you, especially during the whale watching activity. It is highly recommended to follow what your guide has to say. It helps in maintaining order and enjoying the tour even more. Generally, you will watch humpback whales.

Carry some cash for buying souvenirs

It is advised to carry some cash to buy some souvenirs from the local sellers. The tour operator will not arrange for the souvenirs. You need to purchase them. Also, it is good to carry a pair of sunglasses and sunscreen lotion. Wear light, summer clothes.

You can start planning the tour

There is nothing that is restricting you to start planning for the tour. It is better to get connected to a top-rated tour operator. Check out the different packages. Select the one that suits your specific aspirations. Buy it online and book the plane tickets. It is simple!