It is important to be aware of the cultural and historical heritage of a place when you tour the region. Santo Domingo is the capital city of the Dominican Republic. The city has many stories. When you tour it, ensure availing the services of a professional guide to know more information about the city.

The First City of the New World

In the Santo Domingo tour from Punta Cana organized by a reliable travel agency called Funtrip2, you will know from the guide it is arguably the First City of the New World. The city was founded way back in 1496. So, its history dates back to more than 500 years.

Know about the itinerary

It is essential to know about the itinerary when you explore different Santo Domingo tour packages. When you are aware of the route, it becomes easier to remain organized in the trip. Moreover, it is good to keep in mind about the prices of various Santo Domingo excursions, as you need to have clear ideas regarding the expenses you need to bear for the trip. Usually, the rates are affordable and quite easy to manage. You don’t face any issue.

Visiting the Family Fortress of Columbus

You would be amazed to know that Santo Domingo is the place where the Family Fortress of the world-famous voyager Christopher Columbus is located. The architecture of the fortress is bound to mesmerize you. The intricate details of its built are very impressive.

Visiting the Cathedral

The city also has a huge, imposing Cathedral, which is said to be the first of its kind in the Americas. You can spend some quality time, exploring the interiors of the architecture. The piousness of the place will fill your soul with bliss. The Cathedral has a name – The Cathedral of Santa Maria la Menor.

Roaming in the Colonial Zone

Colonial Zone is one of the interesting and popular spots of the city. Several tourists love to stroll in and around the place. There are many historic buildings at the spot that you can visit.

Enjoying the local cuisine

Santo Domingo has numerous restaurants and eateries. Do not skip tasting the local cuisine. Also, there is a wide range of delectable continental dishes. Experience a sumptuous lunch in the middle of the itinerary. It will fill you with more energy to continue with the tour.

Follow the professional guide

It is crucial to follow the instructions of the professional guide who will lead the tour. The travel agency arranges for an experienced expert with the tourists. He tells you different stories about the history of Santo Domingo. It is also important to know the duration of the trip. Usually, it is around 8 hours. You need to start early in the day to nicely remain organized for the trip.

Discuss the itinerary with the travel agency

You need to discuss the various details of the itinerary with the travel agency. Also, check out whether the itinerary of Santo Domingo can be customized or not.