Montaña Redonda is the most attractive and popular mountain in the Dominican Republic, located in a place called Miches. If you travel to Punta Cana, not visiting Montaña Redonda keeps your tour incomplete. The mountain is about 1000-feet high. The summit of the mountain provides a marvelous 360-degree panoramic view.

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Make full use of the panoramic views

As said in the beginning in this blog, the panoramic views from the top of the mountain provide ample scope to sip through the enchanting beauty of Punta Cana and Miches. It is crucial to choose from a series of Dominican Republic excursions Punta Cana to enjoy the trip to your heart’s content. Make it a priority to click as many photos as possible during the trip, especially from the apex of the mountain. There will be some incredibly scintillating frames.

The main highlights

The major highlights of Montaña Redonda are the swings at the mountain top. There are hammocks nicely tied at the mountain’s edge. Sitting and swinging on the hammocks make you feel like blending your soul with the vastness of sky. A quick rush of adrenaline to each of your veins is guaranteed. It is an unforgettable experience.

The hammocks are safe

You do not have to worry about the safety of swinging on a hammock. The concerned travel agency makes all the required arrangements and implement effective safety regulations for the tour. Also, there will be an experienced, professional guide with the travelers to give them instructions, when needed.

Transports are arranged

The tour operator will pick you up from the hotel. The distance of Montaña Redonda is about 40 miles from one hour. You will travel on a safari jeep in most part of the journey. The journey is comfortable. There are no hassles. As you travel, you witness the exotic terrains of Punta Cana, marked by beautiful flora of several varieties.

Is there any entry fee?

When you buy an excursion package from a travel agency, you do not have to worry about the fee. The costs are included in the expenses of the package.

You will have a great time at the top

When you reach the top of the mountain, the scenic beauty of the place will captivate you. Remain in a relaxed mood and explore the area. It will be a soothing experience. You will feel the serene vibes of the nature.

You can watch the beaches from the top

The views from the top let you watch two jewel-like beaches, namely the gorgeous Playa Esmeralda and enchanting Playa El Limon. They sparkle like diamond necklaces.

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