Santo Domingo is a city rich in historic wonders and much more. When you plan to spend your vacations in the Dominican Republic, keep exploring the city as an activity in your itinerary. The majestic and warm city is more beautiful than you can imagine. You will pick up lots of sweet memories from the city. Continue reading the blog to dive deeper into the topic.

Getting immersed in the Dominican cultural heritage

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An early pick-up

The concerned travel agents will pick you up early from your hotel. So, there is no need to remain bothered about the transportation. The tour agency will expertly take care of it. It is wise to start the itinerary early to roam the city extensively. After all, visiting the different tourist-interest places in and around the city takes some hours. The Santo Domingo city tour can take 6 to 8 hours.

A guided city tour

The city tour will be a guided tour. It means you will avail the services of an experienced and professional guide, who will tell you engaging stories about the cultural history of the city. You will enjoy listening to the tales.

Visiting the Alcazar the Colon

It is the fortress where the family of the great discoverer Columbus used to live. You will get the opportunity to see it. It is truly a breathtaking experience. Do not forget to take a few snaps of the majestic architecture from close quarters.

Tasting the local Dominican cuisine

It is said that you can genuinely know about a place by having a local meal. So, during the lunch break, do not hesitate to visit a local restaurant and order a purely Dominican meal. It is very delectable in the truest of senses. You will lick your fingers and appreciate the delicately prepared dishes.

When is the right season to visit?

It is not very surprising to know that you can tour the city throughout the year. There are no restrictions from the local authorities. But, it is recommended to visit it during the winter season. It will be practically more comfortable to roam around.

The guide is English-speaking

You will get an English-speaking guide who is very friendly and cooperative. You can clear your doubts about the different architectural splendors of the city by asking him relevant questions. He will happily answer you.

Visit the local museum

You also need to visit the local museum of the city where you can vividly know many details about the city of Santo Domingo. The experience is very refreshing.

Choose a top service provider

You should buy a tour package from a well-known travel agency to enjoy the trip to the fullest possible extent.